Rock For The Rules Volume Two

Rock For The Rules Volume 2 is now available!

Full tracklist:

Eric Kassel & Friends – I Love
Martin Devaney – Over My Shoulder
Rank Strangers – Turf Club Theme
Germaine Gemberling – Here’s To Happiness
The Roe Family Singers – Coo Coo Bird
Drunk Drivers – Girls Gone Wild view
The Dickens – Best Of My Better Days
Bill Dankert and the Real Austinaires – Dream of Hephaestus
Bang Pony – Wish It Away
10w40 – Hoping, Willing, Able
The Ike Reilly Assassination – Hangin’ Around
Little Man – I See Me
Brian Drake & Kent Militzer – What’s The Matter With Nowhere Man
Brother Jack & Dearly Departed – Transfuse
Puppies & Trains – Recognize The Enemy
Glenrustles – Old Songs
Mike Nicolai – Let Me In Your Rocket
The Red Flags – Rearview Mirror
That’s What You Get (twyg) – Tuesday Night At The Turf
Whale in the Thames – Leah Rules
Slim Dunlap – Bar Chord
The NodAways – Country Sunshine
John Ewing – Ocean Called You
Dana Thompson & The North Coast – Everything’s Alright
The Beatifics – It’s Just As True As It Has To Be (Demo)
Buffalo Sleeper – Greeneway
The Whirligigs & Big Backyard – The Rain Won’t Help You When It’s Over
Al Grande Band – Oh, Lonesome Me
Kruddler – Mr. Beantown
Screaming Vermilion – Working Man
Joseph Coder Incinerator – Woodshed Trump
Jennifer Markey – Let My Love Open The Door
Tulip Sweet – I Like To Dream
Dan Israel – I Still Could
Dillinger Four – Like Sprewells On A Wheelchair
Channon Doerr – Waltz For Leah
Miss Georgia Peach – Adam Neal Waltz
Baby Grant Johnson – Sit Down Beside Me
Impaler – Creature In The Thigh High Boots
James Randall – A Little Harmony
Kent Milizer – Only Love
The Mad Ripple – This Is It
Max Edwards – Triptic
The Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Excellence – Knew Order
Slush Puppies – Jar Of Beans
Static Taxi – We Do
Terry Rouch (The Crop) – On That Day
Vibrational States – Always All Ways
Who Shot Sally – Let Me See You Dance
Mammy Nuns – Banana Cake
Brooke Lynn Moore – Ice Bergs
Jeaneen Gauthier – Black Noise
Stereo Rules – Bowling
Interstate Judy – Country Crier
D.K. Hazledine (The Crop) – If I Live Forever